Trust the Lord and let it go

There are so many Bible verses that encourage us to let go and let God. We read it anywhere, hear it often time, too often that it becomes so cliché in our eyes and ears, but maybe not in our hearts.
We know we should let go of the things we hold so tight that hinder us from trusting the Lord, yet it’s hard to let it go because we want to take control of it ourselves. 

We thought our ideas are the best; we thought we would overcome it by holding so much until it hurts, but we forget to trust. 

We may say we trust the Lord, but, we also want to take everything under our control. Dear friends, it is not trusting the Lord. It doubts His power that He is able.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your understanding,” the Proverbs said. It is our understanding that set us back from trusting God. 

We all were, or even are there; I was there too and sometimes am still there. But remember this: that we are not a savior and could do nothing to save ourselves from the trial and temptation. 

We all need someone higher and bigger and mightier and smarter than us, and there is One. His ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts. Trust the Lord and let it go (:

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:9

A kid’s innocent trust

When we were kids, almost all of us were once scared of something. It didn’t matter how small or big or stupid that thing was, it would just terrify us.

Does thing change when we grow up? Not really, I guess. We are still scared of something, we’re just able to hide it better.
But thinking about how a child could overcome his/her fear by their innocent trust in someone; we’ve grown up learning well that not everyone is trustworthy, it then makes us lost that ability to trust. But isn’t there the One always keeps His promise and never once breaks it? Isn’t He enough for us to trust again? (: 

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away,” said Jesus, as noted in Matthew 24:35. His words are trusted, and therefore we can put our full trust in Him. If these huge heavens and earth will someday pass away but Jesus’ words will not, then it’s proof that we can trust Him; trust Him for the unknown tomorrow, for the unseen future, and for everything our eyes cannot grasp its image.

Let us come to Jesus and ask Him to mend our brokenness; the broken trusts we experienced throughout this life. He has come to save us, and is waiting for us to trust Him, again…

God’s mercies

What’s usually comes to your mind at night time? For me, morning hopes to come.

I love the night times when it’s dark and quiet, having a warm blanket, and smell the linen sheet.. all I want is to rest assured trusting God would bless my ease.

Another thing, when midnight comes, I could not wait the dawn breaks. The dark on the matin hour feels so long as if there were no end. I would long for the sun to shine and let everything be seen, brightly, clearly.

There is a hope I wait along by the night.

That is a new day I long for to start anew.

But there is no promise I would find hope in tomorrow, nor assurance of the shining sun on the day to come.

Then I found this: that God’s love and mercies never come to an end; not when the day-offs nor the sundowns.

His love is everlasting, His mercies always come anew; great is His faithfulness!

The Sheep and the Shepherd

David looked at the flock of sheep he’d just brought over the river;
the adult rams and ewes that jumped confidently,
the young sheep that hesitated at first,
the little lamb he had just saved from drowning by the stream, they all leaped with joy soon after they all had crossed the river, safe and sound.

While the sheep now were playing, drinking, resting, eating, enjoying their time happily, David should stay siege keeping his flock. There were wolves, bears, coyotes, foxes, mountain pigs, ravens, eagles, hawks that could come anytime and from anywhere to get their free lunch from one of the sheep.

With his guard on, David reflecting what he was doing. He was thinking on his mind,

“That must be so nice to be one of the sheep. The good shepherd takes a really good care of them so they would lack nothing. They are resting on a spring of the water trusting their shepherd would keep them from all harm. How would it be to be in the flock of the sheep with the LORD as my shepherd?”