About me

Hi, I’m Mila. Growing up trying many different art forms took me some time to choose which path I wanted to walk on. Also, being able to learn a “little bit of everything” made me a master of none, yet it helps me to see the world from different perspectives and communicate my words through different forms of language; it is obvious that I am still learning it 🙂

After finishing my master’s degree in Church Music, concentrating on Ministry Leadership from Singapore Bible College, I am currently serving as a worship ministry leader in a small Christian para-church organization in Indonesia. I write this blog to share notes, thoughts, and ideas about Christian Worship, Bible Stories, and Christian Life – in short, anything I have passed through and am doing in life and the ministry. While mentoring in the worship ministry, I am also working on my project to write a children storybook and practising my writing through this blog.

Thank you and feel free to give me some feedback!